Multiscale in Mechanical and Biological Engineering
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The M2BE research group mainly focuses its activity on the development of new methodologies and multi-scale numerical technologies in the fields of Mechanical and Biological Engineering. The M2BE group aims to promote progress and innovation in mechanobiological research, collaborating with leading international partners and developing new projects that position the region as an agent of excellence in this field of research.

In this context, the main goal of the M2BE Group is to promote progress and innovation in mechanobiological research in a fundamental and applied way in the R&D&I chain, collaborating with agents of reference at an international level and developing new projects that position the region as an agent of excellence in this field of research. In particular, we continue working on the combination of different methodologies (computer simulation models, in-vitro experimentation and clinical validation), which result in the following lines of research:

  • Computational design of prostheses and implants for personalized treatments.
  • Tissue Engineering and Mechanobiology of bone regeneration and remodelling.
  • Mechano-chemical-cellular biology.
  • Mechanobiology of tumour metastasis.
  • Biomechanical modelling of lung fibrosis.


We are a reference group recognized by the Government of Aragon, composed of 22 researchers and two technicians for research support.


Printing and characterization of biocompatible scaffolds

This project proposes a new methodology for the characterization of three-dimensional polymeric networks combining image analysis for the 3D reconstruction of the microstructure, with micro manipulation techniques with tweezers and magnetic nanoparticles.

Predictive models and simulations in bone regeneration: a multiscale patient-specific approach

The goal of CURABONE is the development and combination of different technologies to achieve patient-specific treatments in the case of bone fractures

Spanish Network of Mechanobiology

The Spanish Network of Mechanobiology has been created with the aim of promoting and maintaining collaboration between research groups through the exchange of students, ideas, curiosity and, what is more, the exchange of methodologies and technologies.

PRedictive In-silico Multiscale Analytics to support cancer personalized diaGnosis and prognosis, Empowered by imaging biomarkers

PRIMAGE will address the study of two types of pediatric cancer that have a high mortality and therapeutic complexity: neuroblastoma and diffuse glioma of the brainstem.

The objective of this research project is the development of a multidisciplinary in vivo - in vitro - in silico platform for personalized bone regeneration therapies in patients in complete remission of bone tumors and multiple myeloma to allow a more rapid repair of bone tissue in the patients.

The main objective of this project is the design and manufacture of microfluidic platforms for cultivating tumor organoids in 3D.