Research has to be funded to meet its objectives and, therefore, provide results that can be converted into new products, processes or services. Most of our funds are used to pay the researchers and technicians who work with us, many of them pursuing their doctorates.

Without sufficient funds, it is very difficult to improve and get cutting edge results. In addition to the R+D projects supported by the companies, we believe that there are opportunities to sponsor the activities we carry out

It allows establishing stable collaboration links with a research group, division or even with the Institute as a whole, financing part of its activities and becoming a partner in matters of common interest.


How can sponsorship be

  • Sponsorship of activities: the company or institution provides funds for a series of activities of common interest, including the development of specific projects or lines of research of interest to the company.
    The company has access to the research carried out by the group and maintains a privileged relationship with it. An example at the University of Zaragoza are institutional Chairs, although other possibilities can be sought.
  • Sponsorship of research grants: a company finances a research grant for a student in search of his doctoral thesis on a topic of interest to the company.

    Research grants need funding for 3/4 years so that the student can complete the doctoral program. Apart from the fact that the student, and the research group, will work on issues related to the interests of the company, a relevant aspect is that he or she will be the best candidate to continue research in the company. An example are the industrial doctorates participated by an institution that connects the University and the company for the development of a doctorate..

  • Institute corporate sponsor: an organization finances a part of the Institute's budget and can join its advisory council, propose new activities and research topics that can benefit said organization in the long term.

    Although the benefits of this privileged relationship with the I3A, sometimes cannot be seen in the short term, we believe that this type of sponsorship can represent an important strategic objective for an organization that wants to become a partner of the Institute..