Industrial Technologies


Grupos de investigación

  • Applied Biomechanics
  • Microelectrónica
  • Electrónica de potencia
  • Metrología Avanzada
  • Grupo de Tecnologías Fotónicas
  • Mechanobiology
  • Inyección plásticos
  • Automoción
Imagen láser industrial

The Industrial Technologies Division is the response of the I3A to bring together the research made in technologies that have application in the Factories of the Future. The productive model in European countries has to change to face the challenges of the global competition, and it is necessary to develop technologies able to boost the competitiveness of our productive sector.


General lines of research

  • Power electronics
  • Automotive
  • Production technologies
  • Logistics
  • Photonics



Electronics and photonicsadvanced manufacturing, metrology, automotive technologies, logistics, advanced materials, structural design, induction heating, electric vehicle, hybrid vehicle, smart vehicle, driving simulators, finite element method calculation, transportation, computer aided machinery, composite materials, optics, mobile robotics, factories of the future, supply chain


Its objectives include the development of a software architecture based on microservices that provides a robust and secure support to the management of information and that allows to assess, through data mining techniques, the personalized evolution of the disease, and the implementation of a pilot where all the concepts and techniques developed can be validated in a real environment.