Tecnologías Fluidodinámicas


In the Fluid Dynamic Technologies Group we use advanced numerical methods for the simulation of fluid flow, heat transfer and chemical reaction in environmental, biological and industrial flows.

The Group’s activities are in very diverse fields, such as weather prediction, the transport of pollutants in the atmospheric boundary layer and in water bodies, the risks posed by sea waves and river swells, the design and optimisation of industrial or household equipment, and the fluid flow in living organisms.

The group is multidisciplinary in nature: its researchers have backgrounds in Engineering, Mathematics and Physics; and they are specialised in multiple numerical tools (such as finite elements, finite volumes, Lagrangian methods, Montecarlo methods, lattice Boltzmman, artificial intelligence and reduced order models, among others).


Solar hybrid PVT collectors of high efficiency integrated within a trigeneration system for the food-processing industry

The aim of 3GSol is to develop a cost-competitive solution for the simultaneous generation of electricity, heating and cooling with solar energy. This solution is based on the integration of solar hybrid PVT collectors with cooling technologies

New heating and control technologies applied to household appliances to improve the User Experience

The aim of ARQUE is the development of technology solutions for household induction cooking hobs that would provide the appliance with a greater autonomy for its management of energy efficiency, and would improve the cooking experience by its user.

Cross-assessment of energy certificates in Europe

El proyecto crossCert tiene como objetivo contribuir al éxito de la próxima generación de los Certificados Energéticos de Edificios (CEE) mediante la elaboración y testeo de directrices y recomendaciones
European Commission

High precision efficient tools for simulation and control of environmental flows

In this project, the control and optimization of different environmental and industrial processes of a broad variety will be addressed

Prioritise energy efficiency measures in public buildings

PrioritEE Plus aims to enhance the policy making and strategic planning competences of local and regional public authorities in the energy management of public buildings in three  Mediterranean countries: Italy, Portugal, Spain. PrioritEE Plus will prioritize energy efficiency measures in public buildings and will create a decision support tool for regional and local public authorities.

Completed projects (since 2020)

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