Cross-assessment of energy certificates in Europe


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crossCert is an H2020 project coordinated by the Fluid Dynamical Technologies Group at I3A and involving 12 European partners in Spain, UK, Slovenia, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria, Malta, Denmark, Austria and Germany.

Project crossCert aims to contribute to the success of the next-generation EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates) by elaborating and testing guidelines and recommendations that will achieve:

  • Improved accuracy and usability of the certificate;
  • A people-centric design and satisfactory user experience;
  • Increased homogeneity across Europe.

This will be achieved by cross-testing both existing and forthcoming certificating procedures in more than 140 buildings in ten member countries. 

Then the ensuing fine-grained lessons learned in this cross-testing activity process will be used in the project in a bottom-up approach as the bases for guidelines and recommendations for improved certification procedures.

The objectives of crossCert are:

  1. Creating a benchmark repository. 
  2. Providing technical guidelines for the next generation of EPCs. 
  3. Developing guidelines and tools for the exploitation of EPC data. 
  4. Elaborating a tool for the design of people-centred EPCs. 
  5. Providing recommendations for the harmonisation of next generation EPCs.
  6. Creating an EPC knowledge exchange centre.   
  7. Creating an EPC community forum.




crossCert is funded by the European Union as H2020 project 101033778


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