Workshop "The Chemistry and Advanced Applications of Cyclodextrin Monomers and Polymers in Environmental, Industrial, Pharma, and Agro-Food"

The workshop on “The Chemistry and Advanced Applications of Cyclodextrin Monomers and Polymers in Environmental, Industrial, Pharma, and Agro-Food” organized by CD.T.EC (Associazione Italiana Chimica e Tecnologia delle Ciclodestrine) in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry of UNITO (University of Turin), be held the next 20/10/23 in the captivating city of Turin.

In recent years, the significance of cyclodextrin monomers and polymers in various fields has witnessed a remarkable surge. Their unique molecular structures and exceptional properties have unlocked various applications in diverse sectors, including environmental science, industrial processes, pharmaceuticals, and agro-food industries. As researchers and professionals working in these fields, we must stay informed about the latest advancements and breakthroughs in this exciting study area.

This workshop aims to bring together experts, academics, and industry professionals to foster a collaborative environment for learning, sharing knowledge, and exploring the cutting-edge applications of cyclodextrin monomers and polymers. Our goal is to delve into the depths of their chemistry and showcase their advanced applications in various fields.

Throughout this workshop, we have carefully curated a comprehensive program comprising enlightening presentations, engaging panel discussions, and interactive sessions. Distinguished speakers from academia, industry, and research institutions will grace us with their expertise, presenting their latest findings and offering insights into cyclodextrin-based compounds’ myriad possibilities.

We encourage each of you to actively participate in this workshop, sharing your insights and experiences to foster a vibrant learning environment. The networking opportunities provided here will undoubtedly enable fruitful collaborations and forge lasting connections within the cyclodextrin research community.

To make the most of this event, we encourage you to register early and secure your place in this exclusive gathering of experts. Kindly mark your calendars for the 20th of October, 2023, as this is a date you would want to attend!


Dr. Adrián Matencio (University of Turin), Dra. Filomena Silva (University of Zaragoza) and Prof. Francesco Trotta (University of Turin)