RE-UNITA Research Infrastructures

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UNITA programme for the sharing of research infrastructures

What is the programme?

The programme is an action taken by the UNITA Universities to share research infrastructures (services/labs/equipments) between our Universities. An agreement has been reached within the RE-UNITA project whereby researchers from any UNITA university will be able to use certain research services of other universities. RE-UNITA will use a given budget to support the program.

Who can apply to the programme?

Any researcher from the 6 UNITA Universities can use the database and apply for the use of research services, equipments or labs in other University different from his/her own.

How do I use the programme?

The interested researcher will use the information provided in the database to contact a laboratory/service in other University and ask for information and/or a quotation. If the researcher wants to use a service, make measurements or use the equipment, she/he will have to place an order. After finishing the sharing procedure, the laboratory/service will send an invoice to the researcher. In the invoice, the price charged by the laboratory/service to the researcher will be the same than the price that would be charged to a researcher of the same University.


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